one day in the future -- pinkwork(TM) novel

(c) pinkwork, all rights reserved. Having said so many times to put more effort on writing, see here is the opening ... already published in PinkWork #6 and this very playful & interactive Norway magazine PMP .

One Day in the Future ...

The primitive people are wielding sharp knives, vow to torture the thousand-year-old tree to death. One of them who behaves most crazily, stabs the knife in hand straight into the trunk. Sap is pouring out along the knife handle and his hairy hand. An exaggerated painful cry burst out, from the civilized crowd beyond the restricted zone.

All giant shopping malls, public squares and open areas around the world are crowded with people. They are holding their breath, keep their eyes on the big screens in front. The others are either sitting in the coffee shops or sofa at home, watching their mobile players. At this moment, civilized people all over the world are all looking at the same screen. I just wake up, as usual turn on the message wall, so become one of them. The image on the screen is not so attractive, well, just a vast expanse of grassland standing a big old tree. The content provider has arranged different angle and distance shots for the audiences to choose. The news art director professionally selects only the most funny and emotional faces on the spot. Background music and sound effects are also perfectly added. However, this time the event developes so slowly and the tree cannot move, same image repeats again and again, audiences all got bored. I take a yawn.

I'm still halfly asleep, so too lazy to turn off the screen. My coffee-cup sized "mini leopard" sits on my belly, gazing at the screen, seems so intrigued. How could it be? It's just a laboratory created mini pet for civilized people to play, should not has any feeling toward its ancestors' habitat -- the African Savanna. Thirty minutes has passed, the tree keeps standing still. The whole world is like frozen. Suddenly a wild boar appears on the screen. Since it is too close to the camera. Firstly I see a big big nose, then two sharp tooth, a round belly .... In the midway, it stops for a while to eat the little sharp pink flower on the ground. Finally, its worm-like wagging tail is passing by the camera. The whole picture is so funny. I cannot help but laugh.

The voice-over narration is explaining the background of this thousand-year-old tree which rose to fame overnight. It's boring but several lines interest me very much.

"All inhabitants of the permanent green zone enjoys free education, medical, housing and food provided by the world government. The children there can play under the big trees all day round. The adults do not need to work. 99% of them are artists and writers. Yes, of course, no any construction work is allowed in the green zone. Even moving a stone with a diameter larger than 30 cm requires prior permission from the world parliament. Since the Green Bill passed 80 years ago, not a single permission has been granted. Yesterday a bunch of primitive people won the district election, their leader could not wait to carry out his promise at once. They're going to destory the oldest tree in the world ... "

These days all people in our heaven-like new world are living in harmony. The "professionals" look down on each other, but they're willing to donate a small proportion of their weaths to support this new world. "Free persons" live off social welfare, but they work hard on all kinds of artistic creations. The "little angels" (people aged below 18) are all worshipped by the adults and living in their own little worlds. The machines do all the production works. No one is superior to and cares about others, so no conflicts ... except when they all got an urge to possess a little angel.

說了很多次,會花多些時間在寫作,終於開了頭。若果你拿了上期PinkWork #6,便會看見這段文字。這裡會看多一點點。前期 #5 (有stephy參與的虛擬新聞/日記 創作)的延續。






「綠色區域的原居民都可以享用由世界政府提供的免費教育、福利、房屋及食物。這裡的小孩終日可以在大樹下玩耍。大人亦無須工作,他們差不多全部是藝術家和作家。當然啦,在綠色區內根本不容許有任何建設。即使是搬動一塊直徑大於30cm的石頭也要事先獲得環球議會批准。自從八十年前綠色法案通過之後,根本沒有一項申請獲得批准。昨日一班原始人贏得了地區選舉,他們的領袖即時要兌現承諾。他們要去消滅在綠色區內全世界最老的千年古樹 ...」

今時今日人類在這個近乎天堂的新世界都活得很和諧。「專業人士」互相看不起大家,卻願意將少部份財富捐獻出來維持這個新世界。「自由人」靠世界政府提供的福利維生,每日忙碌地從事不同類型的藝術創作。「小天使」( * 看看我之前的日記 ) 受盡成年人的崇拜,終日活在自我的小世界之中。機械則負責全部的生產工作。這裡沒有人是在其他人之上,或者會關心其他人的存在,所以根本沒有衝突 ... 除了當他們都對一個小天使產生了佔有的慾望 ...

(好像有點艱深,唔知有沒有人看呢?? ...哈 ..)