Amano, the creator of Final Fantasy in our city

hey .. do you know who is this japanese guy?????? ... Back Again ...  his name is Yoshitaka Amano, the creator of G-Force & Final Fantasy. He's just came to hk recently for his solo painting exhibition. yes, it's painting not a comic exhibition, a pure art form ... u can hear his explanation by clicking his home in ZONE A of my city.  

早幾天很累,答案要待今日才揭曉。天野喜孝正是設計G-Force 及 Final Fantasy的動畫大師。最近他來香港舉行畫展,不是漫畫展呀,因為他說有更深層的意思想表達。可到他在我們A區 的單位,聽聽他講解 ...

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