Hins Cheung 's first canto album

After several successful Mandarin albums, Hins (a rising r&b talent from mainland china) will finally release his first Canto album next month. Click the small tv set in zone b of our virtual city, you can hear him talking more about this album. Apart from music stuff, you can also find a very funny multi-media unit "Maywa Denki" from Japan at our zone b art gallery (that building with irregular shape ). What's it? an "art factory" manufacturing many "non-sense machines" which are all useless but might have some artistic implication... ooh ... in real world, they're holding an exhibtion at agnes b's librairie galerie hk.

按下我們虛擬城市b 區地上的小電視,會找到歌手張敬軒,可以聽他談談將會推出的首張廣東大碟的多項意念。除了音樂人,b 區藝術廊那座不規則外形的建築物﹞還會碰見來自日本的多媒體藝術單位"明和電機"。不知怎去形容它,是一間藝術工廠,不停生產一些"沒有實際用途"﹝但一些會發聲﹞的機械裝置,算是藝術品吧。在現實世界"明和電機"正在香港agnes b藝術廊舉行展覽會,下月還會舉行機械音樂會 .... 好像很有趣 ...

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