I Love You Boyz 's coming dvd ...

A pop radio dj duo in hk ... its two member Jim & Donald would do something funny each year. This year their project is about a virtual comedy tv station ... it began with a radio program this month which consists of "tv" comic serial, drama, news, music programs ... and etc (of course sound only ). Then a theatre tv variety show and finally a dvd will be out next month. They said playing this dvd is rather like turning on your tv ...ha, it SEEMS very intriguing ... click the small tv set in zone b of our city, you could see and hear them .... Ooh, apart from this newly setup pinkwork blogger, you could also go to our xanga... personally I prefer xanga than other blogs cause there allow us to personalise the layout design ... .. to make it all in pink color.

Jim和Donald每年都會有些新搞作,今年主題是虛擬(虛構???)電視台。先是電台節目,然後是舞台演出﹝他們說現場會有豐富禮品送給觀眾﹞,最後會推出一隻兩小時的dvd,也是模擬一個電視台。他們說大家播這隻dvd的時候,就好像開著了家中的電視機,見到他倆扮鬼扮馬主持不同的節目 ... 好像很有趣 ..... 按我們b 區右手邊的小電視機,會看及聽見他們 .... 除了這個剛建成的pinkwork blogger,也到我們的xanga知道最新消息。不過我最喜歡始終是xanga... ,因為容許我們設計版面 ... 可以將全部東西都變成粉紅色 .... ... 唉,我的虛擬小說又停了幾個星期 ...sad-smiley-012

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