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one day in the future.

Since it first appeared in my message screen, that wild boar's ugly face can now be seen everywhere, T-shirts, handbags, shoes ... and human bodies. Yes, it's became a popular tatoo pattern among the middle-aged women and men lately. All those elitist designers around the world seem to be inspired by the same pig, have produced numerous very distinctive "pig" works, well, as defined by those international brands. Few weeks ago, I also created one. I cut out the pig's head, added some blood, then merged the image into a photo of my mini leopard. I send this image to one of my best friends, as a surprise birthday gift to her. The next day I received a phone call from a ... senior or very senior ? marketing manager of a fashion brand, asking me to sell the copyright of the image to them. He said, "the image is very impressive, so young and creative." and i quickly answered "No ..."

These days the little angels are all worshipped by the adults.
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自從牠在我的訊息螢幕出現之後,這頭野豬的醜臉差不多無處不在,T恤、手袋、鞋 ... 及人體。對了,最近牠成了那些中年女人和男士們流行的紋身圖案。那些世界設計師精英似乎都從同一隻豬取得靈感,生產了很多依那些國際品牌定義,非常富有獨特風格的「豬」作品。幾個星期前,我也創作了一件。我裁出豬頭,加上一點血,然後將影像和我的迷你花豹相片合併。我把影像傳給我的一位好朋友,想給她一份驚嚇的生日禮物。一天之後竟然收到一位自稱某時裝品牌的高級...還是非常高級?的市場經理的電話,說想買掉我那張作品的版權。他還說:「我的作品令人印象深刻、年輕而且有創意。」當時我一口拒絕了....