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one day in the future ...
After a marathon debate which lasted for 80 uninterrupted hours, the World Parliament finally passed the controversial Bill of Absolute Freedom by 301 to 200 this morning. The main principle of the bill is all people in this world shall have the right to live the life they want+. No governments, legal entities, public or private media or religion leaders shall impose or make any laws or create any social pressure that would infringe this basic right of human beings directly or indirectly.
From that moment on (today 1:40 AM, the time this bill was ratified++ globally), the law of marriage in all countries automatically became invalid. The marriage status records of all people in all identity and legal docu. databases worldwide will be deleted. Also children who have reached full cognitive development (the actual age is case dependent) have the right to name their own names including their family names, and choose either to live with their parents or in any government approved caring center they like. Their parents shall not intervene their choices by any means. The law would not ban any people from holding wedding ceremony, children calling their parents mother and ather, but all these are no longer legal matters.
This morning thousands of supporters of the bill gathered in front of the gate of the "Liberty Tower " which is the headquarter of the World Parliament and the tallest building in the world to celebrate their victory. They all said it is a great leap in the history of human rights which makes all people can live their life at free will and creates a new world very close to heaven. They also named it the "Ultimate Freedom". However, opponents argued marriage and family unit are vital to the preservation of morals and civilization. This bill will demolish the foundation of all social values and make this world too close to hell.

+ provided they are not doing any acts which are against the public interest. 他們的行為沒有違反公眾利益.
++ became part of the world constitution 成為世界憲法一部份.

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