he's a friend of agnes b ... "Camino Frances " photo exhibition

His name is Emanuel Bovet, a french photographer, film-maker, poet and friend of fashion designer Agnes b. He's is holding his "Camino Frances" exhibition in agnes b's Travel Concept Store in hk, featuring photos taken in Les Pyrenees, southwest Europe by himself (a 3 month journey on foot !!!!!). It's also a collection owned by Agnes. You're not in hk??? Nevermind virtually you could meet (hear & see) him at the top floor of our gallery in zone b pinkwork city. Emanuel is a talkative man and seems so interested in my "pink" city, so we spend lots of time on explaining each other's art concept ... nice experience ... he also gave me a signed mini poem/photo book. In exchange i wrote down my virtual diaries site address. But his poems are all written in french ... anybody can do the translation for me ??????? Ha .. recently so many people come to our virtual city because of celebrity photographer "Leslie Kee", i guess people search his name through google or yahoo.com ... the interesting thing is i've interviewed him long long time ago ... why he became so popular until recently ....

時裝設計師Agnes b的好朋友,法國攝影師/電影及詩人Emanuel正在香港的Agnes b旅行概念店舉行「法國之路」攝影展。這是他一個人用雙腳花了三個月時間,攀山越嶺於歐洲西南部庇里牛斯山拍攝的一批相片。這批相也是Agnes的個人收藏,今次還製成了相機、日記簿、袋等副產品在agnes b店內發售。想跟Emanuel見見面或聽聽他的聲音,可到pinkwork虛擬城市 b區的藝術廊 頂層 ... Emanuel對我們的粉紅城市很感興趣,我也對他的電影 (他說是creative documentary),結果我們花了不少時間各自解釋自己的創作意念 ...很有趣 .....他還送了一本迷係相片/詩集(應該在agnes b店內有售)給我,還簽了名。不過詩是用法文寫成的 ... ... 有沒有人可以幫我翻譯 ????? 哈 ... 我也寫了我的虛擬新聞/日記 網址給他 .....


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