Stephy Tang & Andy Warhol ... video

not a joke... These are "real" andy warhol 's artworks and she's "real" stephy (a pop singer/actress in hk). The place in the photo is a store room of an art gallery in central, where i did the photo shooting and interview with stephy yesterday. The interview was about her coming movie and album, but we surprisingly found all those warhol 's artworks. Stephy seemed so excited ...that's not strange, i remember she used to be a design school student ... ... And the interview contents (sound & video, it's about her new movie), already upload them to pinkwork city ... But you can now see stephy's comment on warhol's artworks video in pink message

昨天在中環一間畫廊跟鄧麗欣做訪問,關於她的新電影,竟然意外地在畫廊的「貨艙」發現了這些著名「普普藝術家」Andy Warhol的真跡(有簽名架)。還記得早前劉先生花過億元投得一幅Andy Warhol的作品嗎?stephy似乎很興奮 ... 這也難怪,她好像以前是讀設計的 .... 其實我也念得意走去近距離看看及摸摸那幾幅畫 ...現在你可以到pink message先看看stephy對warhol作品意見的小video ...至於訪問內容,是關於她的新電影《十分愛》及剛推出的唱片 ... 已放上pinkwork城市 .... 喇..

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