a human voice (of Sun Ho) Piano by pinkwork

an old stuff in pinkwork city though ... it's very funny to play or you can use it to compose a song. The pitchs are the real voice of singapore celebrity pop singer He Yao Sun. I've already post it on pink message. 我已將由新加圾「名人」歌手何耀珊真人發聲製成的「人聲鋼琴」放在pink message ,大家可以上去玩玩,或用此來作曲 ... 哈 .... 這部琴其實已放在pinkwork city很耐日子 ...

SunHo_pinkwork_p1 SunHo_pinkwork_p2 SunHo_pinkwork_p3 < these Sun photo are by my lomo, not my holga this time