Juno 's Chapel Of Dawn multimedia project / pinkwork news

Juno Mak is an "alternative" pop singer in hk who is busy working on his "Chapel Of Dawn" multimedia project. Kicked off by his new album this month, clohing lines, fashion items, accessories, figures, website and etc. under the same concept will be coming soon. It is inspired by a canadian sci-fi horror movie "Scanners" by David Cronenberg .... want to hear/see him talking more about this ambitious project ? u can now go to our virtual magazine in pinkwork city . ooh .. he also invited many overseas talents to participate in this project, including James Jarvis, FUTURA,Toshio_Nakanishi from (B)APE sound ... etc ... sound very interesting. more photo & video in pink message

香港﹝比較另類﹞的流行歌手麥凌龍正忙他的Chapel Of Dawn計劃。頭炮是今個月推出的專輯。之後還會推出以此主題為設計意念的服裝、飾物等等。今次他還找來外國一些著名藝術家及品牌合作,包括插畫家James Jarvis, FUTURA, (B)APE sound的高木完, 時裝品牌Jacob, Crazy Pig等等。看來真的很有趣 ... 想知更多這個project的東西,可到pinkwork city虛擬雜誌聽聽及看看 ... pink message 還有更多video及相片 ...

juno_pinkwork01 juno_pinkwork03 juno_pinkwork05 juno_pinkwork04 < juno photo by my holga