Emilie Simon in pinkwork city ...French Bjork

often hailed by the media as the "French Bjork". Emilie Simon is a young and talented singer-song-writer. In 2004 her self-titled debut album which was mainly created at her home studio in Paris was awarded the "Best Electronic Album" in French Music Awards. She also composed the sound track for the film "The Emperor's Journey" ... want to hear/see this young talent talking more about her concept of creation, you could now visit her home (has a little flower in it) in zone b of pinkwork city ... again more funny video & photo of Emilie in pink message.

常被人形容為"法國Bjork"的Emilie Simon。她在家中錄音室製作的同名處女大碟獲得04年法國音樂頒獎禮的"最佳電子音樂唱片獎",又幫電影《小企鵝大長征》配樂。想聽聽/看看這位小女孩講解自己的創作經驗,可以到她在pinkwork城市 b區 (有一朵小花)。當然pink message還有更多相片及錄像 (好得意呀幫佢拍段video) ...

emilie_simon_pinkwork_p1 emilie_simon_pinkwork_p2 < more holga photo of Emilie in pink message