Kary Ng 's second album, pinkwork news

Kary Ng, a rising pop singer in hk will release her second album soon. She said she has greater involvement in the production this time, well, from choosing the songs, modify lyrics, cd cover design, shooting mv ... click the virtual news in zone b of pinkwork city can hear her talking more about her new album ... more video & holga photo of KARY in pink message

虛擬雜誌封面,可聽聽她分享今次唱片製作的開心事 ,,,, pink message 還有更多Kary的video及holga相片 ...

holga_pinkwork_kary2 holga_pinkwork_kary4 holga_pinkwork_cat1 < ooh...this angry stray cat (my new friend) has nothing to do with kary, just on the same roll of film