an architect & her debut comics / pink message

hee...back to my pink city. Mei is a young architect and she said she prefer using her drawing to capture and express her feeling. She'll publish her debut comics this summer. You could see / hear her in pink message. Also local established comic artist Chi Hoi will republishes his "hand-made" comics ten years ago ... and my holga black & white photos of ifc ... so many new stuffs in pink message ...

又返來我的粉紅城市 ... 阿尾是一位年輕建築師,不過她說自己喜歡用繪畫來記錄及表達自己的情感。今個暑假,她將會推出自己首本漫畫書。在 pink message可以看 / 聽見她。還有本地漫畫家 智海亦將會重新出版他十年「人手製作」的漫畫書 ... 另外pink message亦有新拍的幾張ifc 黑白相 ... 等等。

xanga_holga_ifc1 xanga_holga_ifc2 xanga_holga_ifc4 xanga_holga_ifc3 < hee ... i personally don't quite like taking photo of still object ... such as this giant building