Cathy Leung 's new album after u grad. / pinkwork tv

Cathy Leung is a newcomer pop singer in hk. Actually she's signed to a record label nearly 2 years ago when she was still a university student. Since she wanted to finish her hotel management degree course first, until this summer she can finally concentrate on her singing career ... she's now busy working on her debut album after graduation ... mew .. mew ... i've interviewed her 2 years ago and this time find she become more feminine ... not a student anymore ... sound & video clips in pinkwork tv and more holga photo & video in pink message

梁雨恩是香港流行樂壇的一位新人。其實她兩年前已被﹝官恩娜那間﹞唱片公司簽了。不過她想先完成中大的學位課程,直至今年畢業她才正式進軍樂壇。她正在努力製作自己首張的專輯。其實兩年前已訪問過她,不過今次發覺她打扮愈來愈「女人」,都幾靓女,不再是學生了 ... pinkwork tv有訪問的聲音及視頻,pink message也有更多holga相片及video ... 還有會員大眼妹的新貼,關於她的新書及唱片,她的聲音很甜美呀 ... 大家去聽聽 ...

holga_cathy_01 holga_cathy_02 holga_cathy_03 holga_cathy_04 holga_cathy_05 < cathy leung faces (& legs) under my holga camera