Ama Huen Ning, ArtMusicArtiste in pinkwork shortnews

a fine arts university graduate of cuhk who love painting & singing. Ama Huen Ning has performed jazz singing at hk fringe club for 3 years (so not a newcomer ) and was invited by Seoul Fringe Festival to be a guest performer in 2004. She then signed to a record label and will release her debut album (pop style) this summer ... could see/hear her in pinkwork shortnews & pink message. Also in pink message has award-winning music composer Peter Kam Pui Tat & his silver bear award 's claw sound & video clips.

萱寧中大藝術系畢業,喜愛繪畫及唱歌。她於香港藝穗會演唱爵士歌曲超過三年時間,並於2004年獲韓國藝穗節邀請任表演嘉賓及舉行畫展。之後她被唱片公司發掘成為歌手,並將於9月推出首張唱片,走流行路線。 其實Ama原本的英文名叫Amabell,現在簡化為Ama其實有ArtMusicArtiste,即是藝術-音樂-藝人的意思 ... 在pinkwork
shortnewspink message可以看/聽見她 ... 另外pink message也有音樂人金培達及柏林銀熊獎(掌)的聲音及video ...

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