Andy Warhol 's assistant & other big names / pinkwork gallery

it's worthy to risk my (cat) life to photograph and talk with these top talents last friday, when the typhoon signal no.8 was high up ... actually it was not dangerous at all after i could successfully squeeze into a mtr train and later a tram to get to the site. It's a photography exhibition titled "Bande a part" holding at agnes b.' s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE & Sun Hung Kai Centre bring these world-class photographers to hk, including Leee Black Childers (who was Andy Walhol's assistant and protege), Marcia Resnick, Maripol ... could see/hear (sound & video clips) of them in pinkwork gallery and more holga photo & text info in pink message.

非常值得冒生﹝貓﹞命危險於上星期五八號風球高掛的時候,跟這班世界級攝影師拍照及談話。其實一點危險也沒有,尤其是當我成功迫進地鐵及電車箱之後。 是一個名為「Bande a part」在agnes b藝術廊及影藝戲院舊址舉行的攝影展將他們帶來香港 。攝影展是由 1 0位攝影師於60 、70 及80年代期間,拍攝 New York Underground的片段。其中幾位攝影師更親身來港參加開幕派對,當然包括在pinkwork gallery出現的Leee Black Childers (他曾經是Andy Warhol的助手及徒弟)、Marcia Resnick、Maripol (Madonna早期的形象設計). pink message還有更多他們的文字資料及holga相。

holga_lee2 holga_lee3 holga_lee6 holga_lee5 <leee childers & marcia resnick under my holga