A funny Bear with Wings by Eric So / pinkwork shortnews

Oscar is a member of hk pop duo Bliss. Since last year he has taken a one-year long rest and prepared his debut solo album. Together with his coming album, a funny bear with wings was created by famed figure designer Eric So. Well, it's an incarnation of Oscar and the wings on its back means "reborn"... click the pinkwork shortnews could see/hear the details and more photo of this funny bear in pink message.

今早去Silly Thing總部幫Oscar做訪問,遇見了這隻由大名鼎鼎的figure設計師Eric So設計的有翼熊仔。牠是為Oscar的首張個人唱片而誕生﹝Silly Thing的人員說遲些會公布更多牠的背景﹞,背後那對翼仔有"重生"的意思... 至於Oscar的訪問內容,可於pinkwork shortnewsshortnews聽/看到... pink message還有更多熊仔相片 ...

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