Hins Cheung 's chart-topping album / pinkwork news

a talented singer-song-writer from guang zhou, china. Hins Cheung has also successfully established his singing career in hk. Yes ... his second canton album (out last month) has topped hk hmv sales chart for 5 successive weeks ... click the virtual magazine cover in zone b pinkwork city, you could hear/see him talking more about this album. Again, pink message has more holga photo of Hins ... and all pink message members can now upload their sound & video files to album.

張敬軒說對做國語碟比較有信心。他上月推出的第二張廣東碟《酷愛》已連續5星期成為香港HMV銷量榜冠軍。 按pinkwork城市b區虛擬雜誌封面,可聽/看見他講更多關於這張碟及未來國語碟的事情。另外 pink message 有更多軒仔的holga相片。還有還有 ... pink message會員現在可以upload音樂、視頻及相片檔案﹝真係靚先好喎﹞上album喇 ...

holga_hins2_p2 holga_hins2_p3 holga_hins2_p4 < hins cheung under my holga camera