Justin Lo 's ROCK song / pinkwork news

a cantonpop hit provider & all round singer-song-writer. Justin's just released his third album "JTV" which is a big hit again ...though he is famed for his many melodic love songs, he is working on a ROCK song ...Want to hear/see more (sound & video clips), go to pinkwork pinkwork news& pink message.

側田剛推出了第三張專輯《JTV》,繼續大賣。雖然他以情歌出名,但他說正製作一首ROCK歌,希望日後現現場演出會玩得很開心 ...想聽/看他講更多,可到pinkwork news。另外 pink message還有側田的holga相片及視頻 ...原來他依然好怕影相 

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