Kary Ng 's comic incarnation -- LADY K / pinkwork shortnews

hk pop idol Kary Ng will hold her first solo concert ... this time she's invited a comic artist from the US to create a comic incarnation for her -- LADY K . Kary said she will become a super woman and "beat" the beasts on stage and in the comics ... the same concept will also be applied in her coming album ... Go to pinkwork shortnews, you could HEAR/SEE her explaining more about this funny concept ... again pink message has more holga photo & video of Kary ...

吳雨霏 將在star hall舉行她的第一次個人演唱會 「Lady K Live」。今次她找了一位美國漫畫家幫她創造了一個漫畫化身 -- LADY K ... Kary說像一位女超人。 此意念還會伸延至將會推出的新唱片 ... 到>pinkwork shortnews, 可親自聽聽 / 看看她講解整個構思 ... >pink message還有更多kary的holga相片及video....呀!

holga_penelopes_p1 holga_penelopes_p2 holga_penelopes_p3 holga_kary2_p1 < holga photo of tHe pEneLOpe[s] & Kary Ng