Superwoman Lady K comics, LOMO guangzhou china / pink message

just received a series of images of Lady K, a comic incarnation of hk pop idol Kary Ng drawn by her friend Jonathan Jay Lee (a comic artist from the US). Already posted these images on pink message. And here could also see a few photo of guangzhou china taken by my Lomo camera. Actually i seldom use this small camera since I've bought my holga ... / a new stuff by pinkwork spy airshop : an art & muisic SATELLITE MAP

pink message可以 看到女超人化身的吳雨霏漫畫。另外這裡有用lomo拍的幾張廣州相片,去看看 ...自從買了holga之後,已很少用這部相機 ... / 還有pinkwork「間諜」飛船的新作品,一幅音樂、藝術衛星地圖