Keren Ann, at the forefront of French music scene / pinkwork

Born to a Russian Jewish father and an Indo (Javanese cum Dutch) mother, Keren spent most of her childhood in Israel and Holland and now mainly based in Paris & New York. Since her first album, she's been dubbed the person at the forefront of the french music scene, a singer-song-writer / sound engineer / music producer and now she's also been recognized by audiences worldwide ... want to SEE / HEAR (sound and video clips) her talking about her music, go to pink message

這位多國混血兒創作歌手自第一張專輯已被法國媒體稱為走在法國音樂界最前的人物,2003年首張英文專輯更令她走向國際。想聽聽 / 看看Keren Ann親自講自己的音樂,可到 pink message

holga_keren01 holga_keren02 holga_keren04 holga_keren06 photo of Keren Ann by my holga