Justin Lo 's coming concert / pinkwork shortnews

miao ... new stuff in pinkwork city. To see / hear hk singer-song-writer (sound & video of) Justin Lo talking about the concept of his coming concert "Air Justin", go to pinkwork shortnews ... and more holga photo and video in pink message .

pinkwork城市新東西。到pinkwork shortnews可看看 / 聽聽側田﹝聲音及短片﹞講他十月的「Air Justin」演唱會的構思意念 ... pink message有更多holga相片及短片 ... 無心機,寫住咁多先。

holga_justin3_p2 holga_justin3_p4 holga_mcjin_p1 holga_mcjin_p4 < photo of Justin Lo and MC Jin 歐陽靖 by my holga