Miki Yeung and Andy On in a movie / pinkwork theatre

just put photo, sound and video clips of hk pop idol Miki yeung and action star Andy On to pinkwork virtual theatre ... they're talking about their performance in new movie . Again, pink message has more holga photo of miki and andy ...

pinkwork 虛擬劇院﹝設計好得意架﹞有楊愛瑾安志杰的相片、聲音及短片,關於新電影《親愛的》 .... pink message還有一些兩人的HOLGA相片 ... 好似愈寫愈短添。

holga_miki_p1 holga_miki_p4 holga_andyon_p2 < holga photo of miki and andy