Stephy Tang 's "The Red Albm" / pinkwork news

mew ... MEOW ... hk pop singer Stephy Tang 's new film and album "The Red Album" are OUT on the same day ... go to pinkwork news could sEE/hEAR her talking more about these ... and pink message has photo of her by my holga camera.

關於鄧麗欣的新電影《絕代雙嬌》及唱片《The Red Album》﹝她的聱音及小短片﹞,可到pinkwork newspink message ... 今次用了新設計的聲音播放器,唔知大家鍾唔鍾意?呀,
pinkwork theatre有方力申 ...

< photo of
stephy and alex by my holga