a Drink with artist Seeman Ho 與 二犬十一咪 閒聊

MEOW MEOW ... a CAT just had a drink with this versatile artist yesterday ... meow, somebody might not know who is Seeman ...

Seeman Ho aka 二犬十一咪 (in chinese means Two Dogs Eleven Cats) was a graduate from the fashion design school in hk polytechnic university, but she had never thought of joining the industry. Reason ? "Being a fashion designer one have to deceive people, to make them pay money to change their clothes every month, I don't want to lead you in this direction." she wrote the reason in her new book.

Seeman is now an established sculpturer, writer, painting artist. She has hold numerous exhibitions, including some joint projects with brands Chanel, Benetton etc., published many books and has artworks selected to be exhibited in Venice Biennale. A piece of her paper sculpture was collected by the HK Museum of Art ... ... want to know more about this talented girl and her NEW book "娘足十年" ...

早前見二犬十一咪 ﹝何詩敏﹞的新書《娘足十年》面世,才知道她已回香港。於是貓貓立刻約她見面,昨天跟她閒聊了幾小時。想知詳情,請到

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