Yan Yan Mak x bread n butter & pinkcat, VIDEO decoration / pink message

Yan Yan Mak is an award-winning indie film director, bread n butter is a fashion chain stores. Why these two name would come together ? ... it just started from a casual talk with a human and me (a CAT @ pinkwork city) on the phone ... see the video below could get some hints ~~> cLICK

麥婉欣是得獎的獨立電影導演, 近期也幫何韻詩導演了很多MV. bread n butter則是服裝連鎖店. 兩個名字怎會走在一起? 原來是一個人類和粉紅貓的一次電話閒談開始. 看看下面的小短片便會找到線索 ~~>cLICK