multi-talented Mo Lai 's very first monodrama "神奇女俠" / pinkwork theatre

Who is she ? this multi-talented girl is Mo Lai yan-chi (賴恩慈, 阿毛), the assistant artistic director of fmtp (FM Theatre Power 好戲量). fmtp is a "controversial" local theatre company which apart from stage shows, also do lots of street performances especially in Mongkok 's bustling streets.

Though Mo has many identities including theatre actress, director, script writer, documentary film director, she is just a twenty-something girl. This month Mo will take up a bigger challenge, that is to perform her very first monodrama 獨腳戲. This drama titled "A True Woman Show "神奇女俠" is about a woman who had committed suicide for nine times but still not died ...

want to hEAR / sEE (sound & video of) Mo Lai talking more about herself and her coming show, go to ...


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