pop singer Stephanie Cheng and other new stuff in pinkwork city

haven't updated here for long time ... I wonder whether there 're fewer and fewer people using xanga. BTW here are some new stuff in pinkwork city, including pop singer Stephanie Cheng in pinkwork shortnews (sound and video of her) and more photo of her in HERE. Also an artist from New York just left a message in pink message secret community. He's Mike Lash, the artist who is currently holding a painting exhibition at agnes b.'s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE HK.

很久沒有更新這裡,懷疑是否愈來愈少人用xanga。這是最近 pinkwork虛擬城市內發生的新東西,包括pinkwork shortnews內有鄭融 (聲音及小短片)。這裡還有我用Holga相機拍的鄭融相。另外一名紐約藝術家亦在pink message內留了言。他就是正在agnes b香港藝術廊舉行畫展的Mike Lash.

< photo of stephanie cheng 鄭融 by my holga camera.