Ivana Wong when she was a newcomer 王菀之還是新人時 (sound & video) / pinkwork TimeMachine

a time machine capture an interview with hk singer-song-writer Ivana Wong when she was still and newcomer and had not published her first album. At the time i treated her as an indie musician, so put the sound / video clip in pinkwork musicshop. (* press the little black & white buttons below her poster to hear sound & video.)

一部pinkwork時光機器捕捉了當年還是新人,仍未出版唱片的菀之訪問。當時還以為她是獨立音樂人,所以放進了pinkwork虛擬音樂店。如今王菀之已經是獲獎無數的香港創作歌手。(* 按她的小海報下的"黑"、"白"圓點可聽/看見她的聲音及短片。)

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