Kary Ng 's new EP, rock band Mr in pinkwork city

want to sEE/hEAR hk pop singer Kary Ng 吳雨霏 talking about her new EP album ? go to pinkwork shortnews. This time she has a song composed by herself in her new album, that is the title song "Keep Breathing", she seems so excited about this ... again pink message has more photo of her by my HOLGA ... don't like pop music ? pinkwork musicshop has sound and video of up-and-coming rock band Mr (Mister) ...

吳雨霏下月將會推出她的新EP唱片,今次還收錄了一首她親自創作的歌曲,就是大碟的主題曲《Keep Breathing》。難怪她好像很興奮。想聽聽/ 看看她講更多關於新碟的東西,可到pinkwork shortnews。另外pink message 有我用holga的Kary 相。不喜歡流行音樂,pinkwork musicshop有樂隊Mr的聲音及小短片.< /font>..

< photo of kary ng by my holga