Taiwan "Super Idol" champion Zhang Yun Jing 張芸京, and a FUNNY agnes b. 's BLACK bear !

Zhang Yun Jing, nicknamed "Jing" was the champion of the first Taiwan "Super Idol" which was a year-long singing competition on tv. Though winning the competition earned her the chance to release her very successful debut album "Unprecedented" this year and has made her music dream come true, she still keeps her gender-neutral style ... want to sEE/hEAR (sound and video of) Jing talking more about her new album and book, go to pinkwork shortnews.. And more HOLGA photo plus a very funny video of Jing with an agnes b. 's Black bear in pink message.

第一屆台灣「超級偶像」比賽冠軍張芸京,今年五月終於推出首張專輯《破天荒》。經過漫長的比賽羸得冠軍之後,她終於夢想成真。不過她堅持自己一向的中性打扮的形象。想聽聽 / 看看﹝聲音及短片﹞她親自講解自己的新碟及新書,可到pinkwork shortnews.. 另pink message有更多用holga相機拍的小京相片及一段她與agnes b. 小黑熊拍的短片。

< photo of Jing 張芸京 and agnes b. 's black bear by my Holga camera.