my new Book published by Kubrick 我的新書 ...

meow ... almost forgot to post news about my new book "I DON'T KNOW THEM" published by kubrick. 我的新書出版了 ,,, it's now available in hk book fair 2010 香港書展 ... and this book also used a new technology named Augmented Reality 此書還用了一種叫「擴增實境」的新技術 !

it's a photo album ? a toy ? an art piece ? or better call it a playable book ...

MORE about this book, including some text, photo, short video

* kubrick is
not only a publisher, but also a cultural book store/cafe and a very "popular" hangout place for many poetry and film lovers. It has also published books of many renowned film critics, music critics, poets ... etc.

** pinkwork city is a new media art work by pinkwork™