a "searchable" PINK google Map ... of art and music !

do ... dooo ... do ... A new Work by "pinkwork airship" which allow people to search many cultural hotspots in a real map and see photo and video. I thought of using the google map "V3" codes but after consulting many of my friends I gave up. Firstly the version 3 codes is too "new" and not "stable" , secondly many of them said their internet speed is not fast enough that they could use the very "POWERFUL" street view function smoothly ... anyway, Hope my citizens would like this little TOOL ... !

pinkwork「粉紅小飛船」的新作,一幅有搜尋功能的粉紅色GOOGLE地圖。本來想用「第三版」的google地圖編碼的,但問過一些朋友,他們的上網速度未 夠快,可流暢地﹝唔會窒下窒下﹞用我十分喜愛的「街景」功能,而且新的編碼似乎太新 ... 決定暫時用V2碼 ... 等多幾個月才轉用新的 。講回這幅地圖,不止用來搜尋「文化熱點」,輸入「cafe」、「book shop」 ... 等等,也可找到答案 ..

~~> http://www.pinkmessage.com/map