same Place different Feel, photo shooting (Shiga Lin, Hinson Chou)

Though I'm busy working on the new artQoo sharing site (artqoo.com/pink), I've never forgot update my "pink" city. Last Wed I did a photo shooting with 2 warner music 's singers, they're newcomer Shiga Lin and singer-song-writer Hinson Chou. It was done in the same place (it's a very stylish boutique hotel -- The Fleming HK) but photo of these two people came out are in different feel ... funny !

雖則近期粉紅貓忙於整新的artQoo分享地方,但也沒忽略更新粉紅虛擬城市。大前天一次過拍攝及訪問了兩位華納歌手,分別是新人連詩雅及創作歌手周子揚。同一地點拍出來兩人的相片卻有不同感覺,很好玩 ... 特別嗚謝提供場地的精品酒店The Fleming ... 差點忘了,星期一還訪問了創作歌手張繼聰

* latest interview with Shiga Lin 連詩雅 about her 2nd album "Movin' On"

Shiga Lin > pinkwork.com/shortnews/shiga.htm

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Louis Cheung 張繼聰 > pinkwork.com/shortnews/louis.htm

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