pinkwork city MOBILE mini version 「手機迷你版」城市面世!

Now you just type in the same address (pinkwork.com) using your mobile, you'll automatically be directed to the "MOBILE mini" version. There you could also leave facebook or members' comment ... of course I would encourage you all to visit the "FULL version" virtual city, cause that's my original art concept ...:idea: 喵喵,以後用手機看pinkwork.com,你便會自動轉到手機迷你版本。那裡還有facebook會員留言功能。希望大家會喜歡 ... 當然完整版的城市會一直存在,而且鼓勵大家用電腦睇「完整版」的虛擬城市,因為這才是我的創作意念。

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