video of MACAO CREATIVE PAVILION 澳門創意館 & various Creative People …

Wai Yin, producer of the recently YouTube big hit “cult” song 《小明上廣州》asked me to join a trip to visit the MACAO Creative Pavilion. Yes, this man also run a PR agency which represents the “Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao” .

It was a typical press trip. Though I’ve never seen myself as a press, I shot a funny video of this place and some creative people there … well, otherwise I would got nothing to do …. This place hosted exhibition and products of several Macau ‘s local artists (fashion designers, illustrators, etc.) and you’ll see some of them in my video …

address : 1/f macau tourism & culture activity center (near the Ruins of St। Paul’s)

more text, photo & comments in mobile mini version手機迷你版
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