PINKCAT recorded Jonathan Wong rehearsaling in studio...王梓軒錄音室唱歌中 ...

One day last month PINKCAT accidentally came across this young man ‘s new song 《I.D.》on radio (while eating fish?) and was so impressed. I liked the melody and arrangement very much. I “google him” immediately and contacted his management, said I have to include voice and sound of this new talent in my pink virtual city, so have to do an interview with him … now you could sEE/hEAR (detailed interview) him talking about his new album in pinkwork city

Location: The Fleming Hotel Hair: Maggie Law@kimrobinson Makeup: Christy Lam

detailed interview sound, photo, text 詳細聲音訪問內容

~~> pinkwork.com/shortnews/jonathanwong.htm

上月某日粉紅貓意外地在收音機聽見王梓軒的新歌《你是哪種人》,感覺很新鮮,無論是編曲或逐律方面,馬上搜尋這位「人類」歌手,然後跟他的經理人說,要把他的「創作心得」聲音收錄在我的粉紅城市,所以要跟他做一個訪問 … 粉紅貓只會對有興趣的人類做訪問 … 現在你可以在pinkwork city聽/看到王梓軒親自講解自已的新專輯 《超越格式》及怎樣用三種方法作歌 ...

mobile mini version 手機迷你版
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