my first Holga Movie "Freedom of Laziness"!我用Holga相機拍的首套短片。

MEOW, some new stuff by PINKCAT, this movie trailer was shot by my Holga 120 plastic camera, of course I’ve to do some very low-tech modification.

It’s a trailer only, will finish this movie (art project) if I got some free time and find a “suitable” person to be the lead actress and do the music for the movie. Special thank to Hina for her guest appearance in this trailer (though just 3 seconds). This girl is also a talented photography and painting artist.

Freedom of Laziness” is actually a creative writing project by me, it’s about a fictional future world … one day in the future


多謝Hina客串這條預告片的演出﹝雖然只出鏡了3秒 ﹞。這位中日混血兒本身也是一位攝影及繪畫藝術家,很切合「Freedom of Laziness」的主題啊!遲些有空,又找到合適的人當主角﹝兩、三分鐘的片都要主角?﹞及為電影配樂 … 便會完成這套短片。這其實是跟我的一項文字創作有關的,一個幻想出來的未來世界,看看下面 ….

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