my Articles about Holga photography in “Weekend Weekly” 在《新假期》寫的專欄稿。

MEOW, I’ll write a series of articles about Holga photography in “Weekend Weekly“, a very popular Travel and Food magazine in Hong Kong. In this column they would invite different photography artists to participate and I might be the only CAT (not human) invited by them … my honor !

粉紅貓會在《新假期》周刊專欄寫關於HOLGA攝影的稿,得閒留意一下啦。該專欄他們每期會邀請不同的「攝影達人」﹝貓?!是唯一一隻 …真是我的榮幸 ﹞參與,所以久不久便會輪到我寫。下面是已出版的。

* these photos might not be large enough to let you read these articles clearly, if so you have to buy a hard-copy magazine. 這些相片可能不夠大,讓你看清楚內容,那麼你便要花錢買一本真雜誌了。

Issue 615, page 130~131 Using HOLGA to shoot a Motion MOVIE

Issue 612, page 130~131