Taiwanese androgynous girl group 台灣中性女子樂團 ~ MISSTER 驚見粉紅貓 !

A human friend of pinkcat (a young HK girl) just immigrated to Taiwan and is working as a freelance PR for many music groups there. She introduced this rising androgynous girl group “MISSTER” to me.

A group formed by Diana Tai who is the lead vocal and became popular through “One Million Star II” (Taiwan version of American Idol). She then opened a record label herself and along with the other four members, namely Chiao, Chris, Milk and Carol, formed this music group. They’ve just released their debut album 《特先生》last month and received a great response from critics and audience from Asia.

WANT to hEAR/sEE them talking more about their music, could go to my pinkwork city.

粉紅貓一位剛「移民」到了台灣的人類朋友﹝一位香港女孩﹞介紹這隊中性女子組合給我認識的 …


在加拿大修讀錄音工程的戴安娜花了很多心思在樂團的首張專輯《特先生》上。雖然女子中性的路線一直不被看好,但專輯推出之後大獲好評,連行內人也讚好呢 … 想聽聽/看看她們親自講解新專輯的意念及製作過程,可到pinkwork city。

~~> http://www.pinkwork.com/shortnews/misster.htm

* meow ... above are photo of these talented girls by my HOLGA camera !