an Audiophile album singer who sings new songs ~ Philip Wei 發燒碟歌手─韋雄

Audiophile singers like to sing cover versions of those big-hit songs. I guess one of the reasons is, it could give the listeners a standard or reference to make comparison, well, between voices of different singers. Philip Wei just released a new audiophile album titled “Phil/Harmonic“, most of the songs in the album are new songs ... Click the link below could hEAR him talking more about his new album.

那些發燒碟歌手都喜歡翻唱一些經典舊歌。我估原因之一是,那些音響發燒友想有一個標準或者參考,去比較不同演繹者的聲音。不過,韋雄剛推出的新碟《Phil/Harmonic》,十四首歌之中只有兩首是舊歌。 ... 想聽/看看他親自講解此碟的製作過程 …可到「迷你手機版」pinkwork城市。

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