a Video of "Cheese N' Beer" 「芝士+ 啤酒」粉紅貓短片

MEOW, a funny Video shot by my iTouch during a City'super 's "Cheese N' Beer Pairings Tasting class" yesterday . Don't know why I would get invited, but a CAT also likes to eat cheese . The man in the video is a French cheese expert.
昨天參加City'super一個芝士+啤酒配搭試食會時,無無聊聊用部iTouch拍下的。不知道為何粉紅貓會被邀請﹝因為之前寫了篇Toy Camera稿?﹞,但芝士很好味,特別是「綠色」那隻,有washabi味道 ... 喵 。