A "handsome" female Singer Songwriter ~ Takki Wong 王若琪的新專輯

Takki Wong is a left-handed guitarist and Singer Songwriter, who released her debut EP album “Lunar Eclipse” in HK in 2008. Takki likes to dress gender neutral and do dark /Gothic rock music (a bit too alternative in HK ? ). Want to know more about her new ALBUM, go to pinkwork city mobile mini .
王若琪自08年推出首張EP 《Lunar Eclipse》之後,等了差不多三年,終於快將推出新專輯《救贖者》。今次還有一半歌曲是由她創作的。想她親自講解更多關於這張專輯的東西,可到「手機迷你」版pinkwork城市。

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