radio DJ / pop singer Angela Au 區文詩 ‘s 2nd EP Album 專輯

Initially I thought she would just publish one album to fulfill her wish as a solo singer (She’s never released any solo album since she left pop girl group Cookies several years ago). Don’t expect she would produce a second Album and in the interview, she even told me she’s already thought of the concept of her THIRD album ...

起初以為港台DJ ~ 區文詩只會出一張唱片,當是了卻離開Cookies後未有推出過個人專輯的心願,誰知上星期在唱片店碰見她的第二張專輯。還不只,訪問時她還表示,已構思了第三張專輯的意念。


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mobile mini version 手機迷係版
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a few photos of Angela by my HOLGA toy camera
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