Veteran singer Mao Ning comes back ! 毛寧2012新專輯訪問by pinkwork

This man used to be a "star" singer in China. Even now his weibo 微博 (chinese version twitter) got 1.1 million fans ! a bit nervous and didn't know whether he understand my short movie shooting style, luckily it turns out he is a very nice guy ... his name is Mao Ning

 人類朋友問我有沒有興趣訪問中國歌手 ~ 毛寧,因為他宣傳新專輯《十二種毛寧》,剛巧路經香港。凡「有趣」人類的聲音及錄像,粉紅貓都有興趣收集。於是上網搜尋他的資料及聽他的歌,發覺他在九十年代是非常紅的歌手,有很多大熱歌曲,包括《濤聲依舊》、《心雨》等等。他的微博現在也有超過1百萬粉絲呢 ... 詳細訪問內容已放在

 detailed interview (photos & sound) in pinkwork city mobile mini

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