singer Shiga Lin ‘s 2nd album 連詩雅:「粉紅貓, 記得我嘛?」/ PINKWORK Shortnews

just photographed a talented female human, actress/singer Shiga Lin whose 2nd Album “Movin’ On” is OUT this month. It’s already been two years since her debut album. During the past two years, Shiga has made her name starring in the movie “Lan Kwai Fong” ... her role in this film also earned her “The Best Actress” nomination at Hong Kong Film awards. Want to sEE/hEAR (sound & video of) Shiga talking more about songs in her new album, could now go to pinkwork city.

剛拍攝了人類Shiga連詩雅,事隔兩年,她的第二張專輯《Movin’ On》終於推出。這兩年期間,連詩雅演出電影的成績反而不俗,《喜愛夜蒲》中的角色令她獲得電影金像獎的提名。想聽/看看Shiga親自講解新碟內的歌曲,可到pinkwork虛擬城市 ...

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