Karene Mak麥貝夷 x AMENPAPA福音潮牌創辦人..被外星人綁架 PINKWORK™ Radio Art ~ [藝術創業]

Extraterrestrial life ~ pinkcat@pinkwork™ city likes to abduct some interesting / creative Humans, put them in a “closed” space and let them chat with each other. It would listen to their conversations … and  so get more understanding about this living form in this material world. Below is some of its recorded sound tracks …

外星生命體~pinkwork粉紅貓喜歡「綁架」一些有趣的人類,將他們放在一個封閉的空間,然後讓他們對談/聊天。牠會聽他們的對話,從中了解更多此物質星球的生命模式 … 以下便是牠的一些對話錄音 …

FULL Story Audio ( > 30 mins) ~ http://pinkwork.com/radio/archives/672  

Abducted Targets : 
Karene Mak 麥貝夷 
 ( pop singer, Christian )
Salina @ AMENPAPA  
( founder of a fashion brand that promotes Gospel messages )

Alien Abduction Video extra