EKEE伊維特 x 夢妮妲 x Ringie@Coolala ~ 曼陀羅、禪繞繪畫解謎 Art Meditation : PINKWORK Radio Art

Extraterrestrial life 外星生命體 ~ pinkwork™ entity 's “research interest” this time is about Drawing or Art Meditation 藝術方式進行冥想, and so have go out to abduct 3 humans to research. The 3 lucky targets are...

EKEE a.k.a. 伊維特 who used to be a radio personality and just opened her new workshop BAD BLOOD MAGICK in Causeway Bay HK. Apart from selling her merchandises, she would hold some Tarot reading, Mandala drawing workshops there. Dreamonita 夢妮妲 is a celebrity dream interpreter 解夢師 / spiritual healer / columnist in HK. Ringie (Ringo) Choi had been working as a fashion designer, now a pure art University student who also run an art gallery 畫廊 named Coolala Workshop with her friend Bambi Leung 梁筠兒 (model & blogger). Ringie would also teach Zentangle drawing 禪繞藝術 at her gallery.

Click/Touch the PINKWORK™ Radio ‘s link below could hear them talking more about Mandala 曼陀羅、Zentangle 禪繞藝術 and other forms of art meditations 冥想,

>  pinkwork.com/radio/archives/1235