1 roll of 7-yr Expired film + ‪Pinhole‬ camera + ‪‎Xmas‬ Lights 過期菲林&針孔相機~影聖誕‬燈✶~ a pinkwork™ photography experiment

Just did a photography experiment yesterday. I used one roll of 7-yr Expired film (accidentally found in my book shelves) , a Pinhole‬ camera (bought from Holga official last week, cause they offered a 20% off discount, priced less than HK$200!) and some Christmas‬ Lights.

First time to use "pinhole camera" and I quite like it, though the exposure time usually take several minutes (I didn't use a light meter, simply by guess). For sure I'll use it to do more artistic creations in future.


sEE, photos by my pinhole camera and expired fuji 120 film